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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Welcome Their First Child

Rihanna recently opened up to Vogue about her excitement, and musings, around motherhood. “They’re going to teach me more than I could ever teach them,” she said of her future child. “And I want them to go for it. I want to see who they are in the world, who they become,” she continued. “Because I’m just here […]

At the Annual Gordon Parks Foundation Gala, Black Excellence Was at the Forefront

After two long years of virtual celebration, last night, theas returned stronger than ever. At the height of evening traffic, art aficionados, curators, activists, and more entered the doors of Cipriani 42nd Street for a night celebrating social justice and the arts in the name of Gordon Parks. The Gordon Parks Foundation began in 2006 […]

Bonberi’s Nicole Berrie on Body Harmony, Her Confessional New Cookbook

Nicole Berrie begins her new cookbook,by shattering the myth of the perfect wellness guru. Before the founder of food and well-being site and plant-based New York convenience store Bonberi Mart shares aspirational pages of colorful, vegan recipes—from her go-to green lemonade to tomato coconut-milk bisque and Chunky Monkey Froyo—Berrie reveals snapshots from a lifetime of […]

Easy Fancy Snacks to Impress Your Guests This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here: Summer “officially” begins, white linen pants are encouraged, and your cup of rosé should runneth over. As someone who has spent the last three years compiling simple, yet sophisticated recipes for my book he dishes of the weekend are also very much on my mind. While a salty sea breeze […]