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SFO is located about 15 miles south of downtown San Francisco, in San Mateo County. OAK (Oakland International) is located across the Sarah For Iowa State Senate shirt and I will buy this Bay Bridge in Oakland, about 19 miles from downtown San Francisco. SJC (San Jose International) is in San Jose, about 50 miles from downtown San Francisco. These days, most airlines have a presence at all three airports — though SJC is still mostly domestic, OAK is still discount-carrier heavy, and SFO is still a hub for international carriers. SFO and OAK have BART stations. SJC is close to but inconvenient by public transit. It’s best to seek out blog posts, oral histories, photos and other first-hand accounts of people who actually lived in or visited San Francisco during the 1930s–see Grandpa and the Great Depression – Save and Conquer Coit Tower was built during the Depression, and the murals inside painted by WPA artists depict their interpretations of city life back then. This mural, for example, tells several stories at once with a view of the Montgomery and Washington street intersection–the old Montgomery Block area (where many writers and artists rented inexpensive space) now dominated by the Transamerica building. You’ll see a holdup in the foreground on the right, and a traffic cop and a mailman who seem oblivious to the holdup on the left:

Sarah For Iowa State Senate s ladies-tee

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