Ho Ho Ho Western Christmas Gnome Merry Christmas shirt

You should know that most brands in the Ho Ho Ho Western Christmas Gnome Merry Christmas shirt and I love this luxury sector like Hermès, Versace, Escada ect and all trademarked textiles with logos in it or on it (like Gucci and Chanel) or trademarked colors (like Coach brown) are not sold to anyone else. Their material if not a staple, is destroyed after over runs remain in archive beyond the season. So those aren’t available anywhere and the mills are forbidden from running their items for anyone else. The mill would gladly run you un-licensed similar textiles but not the contracted licensed runs. T shirt’s fabric is knitted fabric also known as knitwear and hosiery fabric. Generally it is weft knitted fabric, knitted on circular knitting machines. Now a days warp knitted fabrics are also entering into the competition, The collars and cuffs are knitted on flat knitting machines which are same as sweater knitting. fabric comes in several variations.