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His chosen uniform is a short-sleeved white button down, medium blue overalls, and an old burgundy Lacoste cardigan. He owns multiple pairs of the same overalls and multiple of the same shirt. Sometimes he wears a trucker hat or old man hat. It’s adorable, to be honest. Why does he always wear this? Well, I haven’t actually asked him, but it’s not hard to speculate. Always wearing the same basic outfit like this makes getting dressed plain easy. I don’t imagine high fashion and matching different outfits every day is at the forefront of a ninety-something’s mind. When he wears this, he already knows everything fits him just right, is functional, and goes together. Plus, he lives in an area where it never gets that cold, so this outfit usually works for whatever the weather is.

Bruce smith dreamathon shirt

– Dungarees… no, though I’ve got some great pictures of Sting in dungarees, especially without a shirt on. But sandals with socks – I don’t like that. + A man can’t go wrong in a well-cut suit with a beautiful shirt and tie and well-polished shoes. I like jeans – if they fit – with an open-necked shirt, a leather jacket and loafers. – Speedos or budgie-smugglers. Hideous, even on professional swimmers. Low-slung jeans do nothing for me, either. Men with too much jewellery are suspect. Underwear showing is horrid, too. + Suits look good. But a police uniform looks even better! Jimmy Nesbitt in his in [Danny Boyle’s] Babylon is a sight to behold.

Bruce smith dreamathon hoodie black

Why is his chosen shirt a white one? I can’t answer that for sure either, but it’s likely along the same lines. White tops go okay with most bottoms. White tops go with his overalls. White tops are easy. Plus, in warmer climates like where he lives, white is a good cooler color to wear. Would I recommend always wearing a white shirt? Nah. It’s super cute on my grandpa, but I think all of his shirts have stains now (mostly Cheeto ones— the man is crazy for those things). The stains wouldn’t be as noticeable if he wore shirts that weren’t white. I guess if a person was careful enough when wearing white shirts and used a good stain treatment when doing laundry, it might be okay to always wear white shirts as far as stains go.

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